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Hiking Trails

250 km of marked hiking trails to explore Serra da Estrela. Take the beech route, stroll through the rye fields, discover the trails and chaotic landscapes shaped by the action of glaciers, flocks driven by herdsmen, glacial lagoons, lost valleys, rivers, peaks and breathtaking views.


Discover the whole region in a comfortable way, with our driving routes through the Tower, Upper Plateau, Pastoral, Historical and Mountain villages, a wine farm and many other places.

Historical and Mountain Villages

Considering the privileged location of these villages that are housed in valleys dug by rivers and streams, they are undoubtedly the stage for a privileged encounter with the natural wonders and the populations that still maintain the old traditions.

Burel Factory

We rebuilt the last Manteigas wool factory where the wool is still being woven and weaved using the same traditional machinery and equipment used in the time when the industry was still hand made. The factory, by preserving the past and reinterpreting it, it transformed itself into a history of the future. And it is also a tourist project. Come and visit.


In the Mountain, snow is the star, appearing between November and April. Try it at the Tower’s Ski Resort or a snowshoe ride that we offer for you at the Hotel.


We have BTT bikes available so you can go find your next adventure, adapted to the terrain so that you can travel without difficulty and without giving up the landscape. The mountain is yours to discover on two wheels.


Water is nature and at this mountain, water is everywhere. There are several lagoons, springs and wild rivers very close to the hotel. Immerse yourself in its pure and crystalline waters, or enjoy its placidity from the shore.

Custom Training

Your body is a temple and you must devote it the necessary attention. With our customized training, accompanied by a professional, you have at your disposal a set of exercises that will revitalize you and get you to achieve the good shape you desire.


Get to know the shepherds’ paths, secret places and incredible landscapes. Discover the water, the vastness of the sky, the infinite horizons, the peaks trimmed against the light, enjoy the silence of nature, the touch of breeze in the face, and the wild scent that remains in our hands. There is a whole mountain to explore, do it with us.


With the arrival of spring the white gives way to the green, the skis to the flocks of sheep, the frenzy to the gentle breeze, the snow to the water that flows down the slopes. In the highest mountains of Portugal mainland there are rivers of pure and clear water. These are the best river beaches of Serra da Estrela mountain range.