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A Spa over the Mountain

The Panoramic Spa at Casa de São Lourenço is clearly more than a simple Spa. Is a source of rejuvenation for body and soul. An invitation to a discovery trip through unknowned sensations: the wild scents that hit us through the big windows, the scented oils of the spa, the high-quality products and the professionalism of our staff. It’s time to close your eyes and let us take care of you.

The Mountain Spa at Casa de São Lourenço offers you time, comfort and a sense of renewal. With treatments that cross the unique treasures of the mountains of Serra da Estrela and the traditional wisdoms of the East.


We have special programs for you at our mountain spa, which seek a balance between body and soul. Proposals aimed at a state of beauty and health, using natural oils made from herbs harvested in the mountains, high quality products and ancestral rituals brought from the Middle East.

Massages and treatments