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Premium Panorama

The door opens, they leap at the sight of Maria Keil’s drawings. Up 3 steps as you look at the huge burel panel that ends in the stunning landscape of the porch surrounded by the garden. Only then will they embrace the details of the furniture, the lamp…a beauty!

Superior Panorama

Large room, with several different areas, to provide different moments of contemplation and quietness, with a granite hall that gives access to a private balcony and panoramic view of the Glacier Valley.

Maria Keil Panorama

Feel yourself in privilege. The genius of the renowned portuguese artist Maria Keil. In the panel, Fernando Pessoa says that it “is not necessary to be, but to feel the soul, know the wind and the sun, to follow and look” and in the balcony “all the peace of nature comes to sit next to me”.

Maria Keil Mountain

We breath Maria Keil in the art, in the details. There is a modernity on the wall panel, like a sun that warms up, in the bathroom that has gone out, imposed itself, and on the mirrored moon that wants to see the astonishment through the black arms…an experience…

Maria Keil Valley

Step back…The magnificence of Maria Keil’s furniture that is worth appreciating. Lie down and be dazzled by the yellow star of the sky. Look through the windows and it will be “the size of what I see and not the size of my height”.

Comfort Mountain

A private little garden, a hollyness that touches us in the hand, a panorama of the mountain range…Stars and snowflakes on the burel panel says Fernando Pessoa: “Thoughts are all sensations” …

Comfort Garden

White lights glimpseat the entrance … It is a beauty of lightness and freshness that contrasts with the black of the headboard panel where it reads Pessoa:

“A very light wind passes

I do not know what I think

I do not even try to know it “