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An expedition through Serra's gastronomy

You are invited to discover the flavors of our trip through the gastronomy of the Beiras region, the seasonality of the Mountain ingredients, the ancestral recipes we reinterpreted. You are invited to sit at the table with panoramic views to the Glacial Valley, under a ceiling of golden burel stars anticipating the visions of autumn.

In the Restaurant of São Lourenço we privilege the freshness that the seasonality confers to the local flavors, the simplicity of the ingredients of the mountain seasoned with the contemporaneity and ingenuity of Chef Manuel Figueira, without losing the authenticity that distinguishes them.

The main ingredient is the landscape

The São Lourenço Restaurant takes you into a gastronomic journey of discovery and creativity. With a diversified menu and options to suit everyone. The ingredients are fresh, local and in tune with the seasons. The view is panoramic over the Glacier Valley, the Village of Manteigas and a sea of mountains extended by the horizon. A Restaurant on the top of the Mountain where the landscape is the main ingredient.

Extended breakfasts

Wake up slowly. Wake up to the mist that caresses the Valley, in an almost static and continuous movement. The Mountain, cur between the sky and the earth, starts getting illuminated. Start the day with a panoramic view over Serra da Estrela as you savor what we have prepared for you.

A diverse breakfast with the delights you expect and other recipes preserved in the history of the region.


LUNCH SCHEDULE: 13h00 – 15h00      DINNER SCHEDULE: 20h00 – 22h00

(+351) 275249730 | (+351) 968285937