Commit a day to silence, comfort and a sense of renewal. With treatments that cross the unique treasures of the Serra da Estrela mountains and the ancient wisdom of the middle east. We have special programs for you at our mountain spa, which seek a balance between body and soul. Proposals aimed at a state of beauty and health, using natural oils made from herbs harvested in the mountains, high quality products and ancestral rituals brought from the Middle East.

1 day of PURIFYING wellness

A full day dedicated to wellness. To forget about the stress, focus on the body, renew the flora of the skin and increase the flux of vital energy. A day dedicated to skin care, its hydration and toning, while releasing tension. Includes purifying exfoliation, relaxation massage and reflexology, while aiming for a holistic therapy through the increase of energy circulation.

Single Price: 160€
Couples Price: 300€

The Hiker's Retreat

A moment of relaxation and muscle recovery after a long walking. Includes a Hiker’s Massage aiming at the preparation and/or recovery of muscular tissue for a better practice of physical activity, with special attention to the back and legs, a waterfall with feet hydration, exfoliation, wrapping and massage. To end on a high note, a foot reflexology treatment through finger pressure in reflex spots on the feet, allowing for increased vital energy circulation, not allowing its blockage in the organs.

Single Price: 145€
Couples Price: 275€

Balance of body and mind

Two moments of balance and knowledge of the body made in two different days. The first through japanese wisdom, with the finger pressure technique, increasing the energetic flux of the meridians replenishing the energy balance of the body. The second, coming from the middle east, with the rediscovery of an ancestral wisdom, thousand-year-old techniques that aim at balancing mind, body and conscience.

Single Price: 140€