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Portuguese Design

Casa de São Lourenço takes us into a discovery of the Portuguese design through its decorative elements continuing the history begun by Maria Keil, 70 years ago. With pieces from Marco Sousa Santos, Vicara, Cestaria de Gonçalo, Olaria de Molelos, Grestel, Nuno Gusmão, Bordallo Pinheiro, Bartolomeu Gusmão, Vanda Guerreiro and Burel Mountain Originals. Unique pieces that are a representation of Portuguese culture, giving sense to each space and each corner.

The Burel

Burel helps us to tell the story and thickens the mystery of the discovery of details. Its presence is more than evident, being one of the main themes of the hotel: the covered walls with embroidered poetry, the hand painted panels and the art installations that bring an intimate character and of much comfort, as at the same it cradles us in the history woven by the mountain.

Maria Keil

Maria Keil had magic hands and the will to keep creating images. The public notoriety of her work stands out in the illustration, painting, design, photography, tiles, furniture and decoration fields. Between the 40’s and 50’s, Maria Keil felt great appeal for renovating the structural and formal terms of furniture for interiors where she depicted, with great sensibility, clearly modern designs. Roots didn’t disappear but were mixed together with a general frugality and stylization of regionalisms and folklore itself. Many were Maria Keil’s projects,  and one of the most remarkable ones were achieved at Pousada de São Lourenço, in Serra da Estrela, now reborned as Casa de São Lourenço – Burel Panorama Hotel.