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The Mountain is part of our Nature

We are dedicated to the values of Serra da Estrela Natural Park, to make it persist over the memories of time, on the sustainability that frames us in this watercolor painted by nature. From the materials that composes the Casa de São Lourenço, to the ingredients used at the restaurant, sustainability is more than a  duty, it is part of our daily life. We are commited with the Mountain because the Mountain is our House.

Local and Sustainable Economy

We are part of Serra da Estrela. Part of the Natural Parl with its people and history. Part of the region and its economy. Part of the Glacier Valley. Casa de São Lourenço lives in function of local values, its resources, contexts and its people.

A tribute to Portuguese design

We pay tribute to Portuguese design, its authors and storytellers. To the culture that defines us and that we now have  on display for you to see. Upon the requalification of Casa de São Lourenço, we focused on keeping the history of the building and its context in the surrounding landscape with a touch of modernity. That is achieved with signed pieces that are very well known in the country’s artistic and cultural scene, with main focus on the avant-garde art of Maria Keil, one of the most relevant Portuguese art figures from the 20th century.

Five-Star service

We want you to feel all the comfort, rest and appreciation for design, history and gastronomy, so you can feel like you have lived a truly special moment. Casa de São Lourenço is an hotel that knows that details and distinguished service matter. Our compromise is to make you feel at home, because this is where you are.