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An icon from Serra da Estrela. Since 1940

It was one of the first Portuguese Inns, an absolutely innovative concept of small hotels “that don’t look like hotels”, very cozy, where guests could feel true hospitality, the beauty of Portuguese landscape, the delicacies of the local gastronomy… “Rustic comfort, good taste, easy display and flavor, kind simplicity… and poetry, some poetry…”, like its author said in 1943.

70 years after reborn as a 5-star Hotel

We gave a new meaning to the historic Pousada de São Lourenço to making it into a house (Casa). And a house which is the only 5-star hotel on Serra da Estrela. Pousada de São Lourenço is now Casa de São Lourenço.

An icon from Serra da Estrela, inaugurated in 1948, Casa de São Lourenço is much probably one the Portuguese hotels with one of the most interesting views: Serra da Estrela, the Village of Manteigas and the Glacier Valley.

Maria Keil, one of the most relevant Portuguese designers from the 20 century, took care of the comfort of the interiors and the conception of all the furniture that was kept intact until today.

70 Years after, respecting this unique history, we decided to give a new life to this project, turning it into the beauty of the landscape, following the initial concept from Rogério de Azevedo, recovering the beautiful artwork of Maria Keil but giving more space to the contemporaneity of Portuguese designers, while introducing the comfort of a Mountain Spa, where the purity of air in high-altitude and the beauty of the panorama are fundamental themes.

It is necessary to provide poetry to economy. Now more than ever.

Part of a Family united by Wool and connected by the Mountain

We are part of a family woven by the Serra da Estrela wool threads. From the wool that is burel. Part of the group Burel Mountain Originals, Casa de São Lourenço continues a sustainable project of valuing Serra da Estrela’s heritage. From the history engraved on the rocks and shepherds facial features to become one of the main attractions of the most iconic Portuguese mountains. Part of the Burel Mountain Original’s Family, Burel Factory and Casa das Penhas Douradas, Casa de São Lourenço is the new hotel in Serra da Estrela.