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Glacier Valley


The Zêzere Glacier Valley, one of the largest in Europe, boasts unrivaled geological beauties, such as the austere granite rocks of the Cártaros, Magro, Gordo and Raso, as well as biogenetic reserves of natural and scenic value. Between the sinuous course of the valley, where the land no longer yields any grazing and small pockets of weak subsistence agriculture, the river Zêzere runs fast, hurried to reach quieter places where the green pastures with their herds peacefully share and harmonize the landscape. The grazing and agriculture that resists coexist with countless species of fauna and flora, in landscapes of rare beauty that lend him even more charm. The slopes are abrupt, furrowed by lines of water that fall into cascades shaped by the ice that time has taken. It is this Valley, this wonderful Zêzere Glacier Valley, integrated in the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, which is worth to appreciate of from Casa de São Lourenço.